Five Star appliances

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Five Star appliances

by » Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:16 pm

In my shop I sell all the 5 star rated appliances like ACs, fans, Led appliances. But I don’t sell many items because customers think they are expensive.These are little costly, how How can I convince the customers to buy star rated appliances?
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Re: Five Star appliances

by Slashbill » Wed Feb 22, 2017 8:21 pm

yes it is true that, the initial investment required for the energy efficient appliances is little high, but the benefits one can reap from this is also high with respect to low power consumption, low electricity bills, reduced environmental affects etc.
First of all, your intention to encourage energy efficient appliances and your concern about environment is appreciable. You can motivate your customers by educating them about the power consumption and cost incurred over a period by comparing energy efficient appliances(5 star rated appliances) and non-energy efficient appliances(1 star,2 star, 3 star appliances), but each and every time making manual calculations may be difficult to you and it may be tedious.
Here is the solution from slashbill, we provide well designed calculators, which helps in estimating the power consumption of various appliances. What you need to do is just visit you can find user friendly well designed calculators, by using our tool you can explain to your customers about their estimated savings through the electricity bill over a period using energy efficient appliances.
We also provide tariff analysis, bill analytics (State wise analysis),blogs and articles about energy efficient appliances.
For further details please visit
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